Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New artwork in Art Taipei 2013

席時斌 《麒麟 銀毛》
Hsi Shih-Pin 《Qiling, the Silver》
Stainless steel,Titanium plating,Wood, Acrylic

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Public art progam in Taipei

Animals and plants are not known as a result of their usefulness;
they are deemed to be useful or interesting because they are first of all known.
李維史陀,《野性的思維》Levi-Strauss, "La Pensee Sauvage", 1962

作品名稱Title野性的寓言 Fable of the Wild
作者Artist:席時斌 Hsi Shih-Pin
材質Medium:不鏽鋼,鈦金鍍膜 Stainless steel, Titanium plating

作品說明Artist's Interpretation

Echoing the spirit projected by the arena where the Taipei New Horizon Building is situated, the imagery of the Formosan sika deer antlers is used to create the large polygonal sculpture.  The creative inspiration is derived from the artist’s own experience with encountering a Formosan sika deer on a moon-lit night on the Green Island. Furthermore, one of the key objectives in regards to the creative cultural industry is to learn and understand one’s own historical culture, ecological environment, and local aesthetics, and to apply those learning with creative endeavors that form collective memories and to connect with other cultural viewpoints around the world.    

The emergence of the giant antlers from the ground is a metaphor for the land’s bountiful vitality and culture, and expresses the anticipation for Taiwan’s cultural and creative industry’s promising future with an increasing global recognition.  Under the crescent moon, the mother deer is leaping and the fawns are resting peacefully.  As the mirrored surface reflects the surrounding environment and people, a fable of the wild is jointly composed by all.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

My New Work in Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

作者:席時斌 Hsi Shih-Pin

作品名稱:荷魯斯-命運的鳳尾獅鷲 Horus--The Fatal Gryphon with Phoenix tail

材質:不銹鋼,有機玻璃,鈦金鍍膜 Stainless steel, Acrylic, Titanium plating

尺寸: 256 x 246 x 60 cm


Friday, May 03, 2013

A contemporary Art Exhibition Across the Strait 2013

A contemporary Art  Exhibition Across the Strait 2013
交互視象 2013海峽兩岸當代藝術展


國立台灣美術館 2013.7/4-7/7