Monday, March 06, 2017

席時斌 Hsi Shih-Pin < 大師之馬 Horse of the Master >

作者姓名 Artist:
席時斌 Hsi Shih-Pin

作品名稱 Title of Work
大師之馬 Horse of the Master

材質 Material
Stainless steel, Titanium plating

尺寸 Dimension
(H)563 *(W) 382 *(D)120 cm

年代 Year

版次 Edition
唯一 Unique


Artist Statement:
From the treasures left behind by the masters of the arts, I created “Horse of the Master”, which takes grafts from Leonardo da Vinci's lively horse head, Michelangelo's perseverance body, Gian Bernini's powerful and dynamic limbs, and Albrecht Dürer's gorgeous multi-layered wings. The exquisite elements taken from the Masters’ creations are freely reassembled. I look forward to generating and sharing more imaginative new experiences of beauty with the audience.