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席時斌.三|Hsi Shih-Pin.Invisible Stars of the Hydra




                                                                                                     出自<春の雪>三島由紀夫 著


Hsi Shih-Pin.Invisible Stars of the Hydra

After ten thousand years, in the constellation Hydra far away, there was a star called “20 Hydrae,”

Where Hercules, the son of Zeus, lived, who was infatuated by a maiden from another classroom and wanted to marry her.

The maiden’s father demanded that he go on adventures and bring back rare and precious treasures before giving his consent.

As Hercules prepared to depart, the maiden pulled a sword out from between her legs and gave it to him.

Using the steely sword he chopped off his head to exchange with Poseidon for Pegasus.

He also removed one of his testicles, and it hatched into a phoenix with sunset.

Several years later, Hercules finally returned with copious treasures, but with only his right leg and his penis left. He was also scantily clad.

The father of the maiden was exhilarated by the treasures and wanted his daughter to marry Hercules right away.

Facing the naked Hercules, the maiden raged, “Short and small, how could you love me?”

As soon as she finished venting, she killed her father with the sword, mounted Pegasus, and flew away.

In later days, Hercules often had suitors with foot addiction, so he was not lonely.

Still, he remembered his horse.

"We will meet again. We will definitely meet again, right here, under this waterfall..."*

*Matsuki held Honda's hand tightly as he said, "We will meet again. We will definitely meet again, right here, under this waterfall..."
From Spring Snow written by Yukio Mishima.

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