Thursday, February 25, 2010

性感帶 2010/03/06~04/04 也趣藝廊

展覽時間為 2010.3.6(Sat)-4.4(Sun)
開幕茶會為 2010.3.6(Sat)下午三點

參展藝術家:│荒木經惟 Nobuyoshi Araki│席時斌 Shih-Pin Hsi│劉麗勇 Liyong Liu│西尾康之 Yasuyuki Nishio│拔水摩耶 Maya Nukumizu│大野智史 Satoshi Ohno│篠山紀信 Kishin Shinoyama│Peter Tscherkassky│王孟飛 Mengfei Wang│王琬瑜 Wan-Yu Wang│米原康正 Yasumasa Yonehara

策展人: 黃亞紀 (Yaji Huang)

性,是動物的本性,是初始,是慾望。性感,是氛圍,是肉體的也是精神的,是個人的也是社會的。情色與藝術,是鴻溝或者重疊,是誰定義了美,是誰被剝奪了高潮。熟稔亞洲當代藝術的策展人—黃亞紀,將以性感為題,以日本、台灣、中國等三地藝術家為軸,包括大師級所描繪的性感,如荒木經惟 (Nobuyoshi Araki)、近期備受爭議篠山紀信 (Kishin Shinoyama);年輕人喜愛的性感,流露在米原康正 (Yasumasa Yonehara) 無法複製的影像中;新銳藝術家王琬瑜以及席時斌,將刻化台式性感;中國藝術家的性感:,由王孟飛、劉麗勇詮釋;還有超越卡漫式的性感,展現在大野智史 (Satoshi Ohno)、拔水摩耶 (Maya Nukumizu) 奔放的作品中; 奧地利知名實驗電影大師Peter Tscherkassky,演出蒙太奇式的性感 而台灣觀眾所熟悉的西尾康之 (Yasuyuki Nishio),將以太空人雕塑描繪死亡的性感。

性感,不僅扮演人類最重要的消費動機之一,也是最佳的感官刺激挑逗者。性,或者性感,在儒家禮教濡沫下的中、日、台等地,有極致的情色工業反彈、有避而不談的反應、有儀式化的對待。也趣藝廊,將以「It Must Be Your Sexy Way」,從美、色情、情色、性、時代、暴力、死亡中,企圖在台灣製造一點性感聲響的嘗試,邀您一同進入性感帶,並且享受藝術的高潮。

Sex is an animal instinct; it is the default function, the lust. However, sexiness is about the ambience, it can be physical or spiritual, it can even be of the society and the age. Are Art and porn overlapped or divided? Who can define them? Yaji Huang (黃亞紀), who is familiar with Asian contemporary art, organized the group exhibition about sexiness. 11 artists from China, Japan and Taiwan are invited to present their different sexy ways. For instance, Kishin Shinoyama (篠山紀信), who has been criticized recently, photographed an AV idol, Kirara, on the street in Tokyo to depict the combination of present life and lust. Additionally, Nobuyoshi Araki (荒木經惟) and Yasuyuki Nishio (西尾康之) lead us to understand the relationship between sexiness and death.

Taiwanese sexiness is presented by new emerging artists, Wan-Yu Wang (王琬瑜) and Shih-Pin His (席時斌) and Mengfei Wang (王孟飛) and Liyong Liu (劉麗勇) show china’s sexy way. Moreover, the works of Satoshi Ohno (大野智史)and Maya Nukumizu (拔水摩耶) describe sexiness with manga’s form. Also, Peter Tscherkassky, who is one of the most famous experimental film producers, makes montage’s sexiness.

Yasumasa Yonehara (米原康正) is best know for the Cheki photographic portraits of young women. The images he produces of the young woman are made in multiple repetitions of the same seductive pose. The image selection is edited in such a way as to create a simple narrative of the shoot. The sequential nature of the image aims to capture movement that reveals the girls’ “personal side”.
Because of Confucianism, most people in Taiwan avoid to talk about sex. Therefore, AKI gallery is an attempt to create a little sexy voice in Taiwan, through beauty, porn, eroticism, sex, the age, violence and death by the exhibition of “It Must Be Your Sexy Way “.

Friday, February 05, 2010


Hsi Shih-Pin 《 Why? 》drawing,189*88cm,2003-2010