Monday, January 31, 2011

《Watership 第三版》台灣創意設計中心(松山菸廠)

席時斌《Watershipping 第三版》

Sunday, January 30, 2011

《 擦逝了,的故鄉 》席時斌 張士飛 黃心怡 三人展 2011.2.12-3.6‏

她笑著告訴我那年 抓蛇賣錢的事
大學念書時 會想怎樣掙錢 不過是為了這樣活著
許多年過了 還是這樣
會很慶幸 沒變成那樣

這兩年她想蓋教堂 卻出本繪本 也不是不同

情侶先用愛撫生活 後來扶持

阿飛在工作室外起了堆火 想燒垃圾
去年冬天沒那麼冷 大火讓去年更不冷
白天他在廚房工作 下午騎車過來 雕刻木材
話說很少 沒說他愛拍照
他們兩個搬到山上 是為了養狗
有張在海邊拍的 看也是雪

親人總是懸著心等著 最後等到我們不忍心回去愛他

對我來說 那叫故鄉

小時母親問我乖不乖 總是回說我不乖




擦逝了,的故鄉    三人展

She, with a smile on her face, told me how she caught snakes and sold them in that year.
While she was in college, she thought of ways of making money.
However, it was just only for living. As time goes by, we are still in the same way.
I was glad that I did not become that way.

During those two years, she wanted to build a church, but she published a storybook instead. That was totally different.

The couple started with caress first and ended with mutual support.

A Fei started a first outside of the studio because he wanted to burn the trash, and the chips from the woods.
Last year, the winter is not as cold as this year. Last year’s fire made the winter even warmer.
In the morning, he works in the kitchen. In the afternoon, he comes here on his bike to carve the woods.
They do not talk much. He never mentioned that he liked photography.
They moved to the mountain because they wanted to have dogs.
It is snowing today.
There is one picture taken on the coast. But, the image also seems like snow in the picture.

Families are always waiting with their hearts. Eventually, we will go back to love him.

Every author is traveling in a world.
To me, that’s called hometown.
When I was little, my mother always asked me if I was a good boy. I always replied with a “No”.

Huang, Hsin-yi

Chang, Shih-Fei

Hsi, Shih-Pin

We scratched from the hometown. Three person exhibition

2011.2.12 – 2011.3.6

開幕-2011.2.12 15:00
座談-2011.2.26 15:00