Thursday, December 06, 2007

Monday, December 03, 2007


      Hsi Shih-bin always like to read the living things and memory. Creating the imaginative body through its structure and image. he puts mainly emphasis on structure by the techniques of composition and decomposition in his sculpture works to manifest the relationship between body and spirit . I like to operate an unanimous constitution technique repeatedly to form and then to take apart those who have been formed. The process from construction to elimination is an imitation and annotation of Craftsmanship. Body is a factory, mind is a worker, works are products of the body and creation is a succession of natural body movement.
     During the work in 2007, shih-bin shall use personal interpretation of “architectonic” vis-à-vis structural description; under “assimilation” & “dissimilation” assumptions, probe & observe correlation between present day phenomenon of sculpture & digitalization, as well as sculpture & architecture. Via the extension of present day elements, hopefully providing alternate referential value, through redefining material, structure, and space.